The People

Scotty Strachan - An outdoor explorer who doesn't like to carry camping gear, Scotty bags peaks when he can during field season and whenever he can fit it in. This site is a result of his slowly-progessing education in basic web development, so blame him for the mess. He can be reached via email at . SummitPost Profile
Barry Beck - A longtime High Sierra enthusiast, Barry considers a climb incomplete unless the summit register gets an entry. Fast hikes are his forté, and stopping to rest is at the bottom of his priority list. Barry is also an expert in packing light, preferring to carry the absolute minimum unless he is out on an all-too-frequent Search & Rescue operation in the Eastern Sierra. He can be reached through the website SummitPost Profile

"It is not the goal of grand alpinisme to face peril, but it is one of the tests one must undergo to deserve the joy of rising for an instant above the state of crawling grubs"
Lionel Terray

D. Rod - Content to let his ballplaying counterpart carry the spotlight, Mr. Rodriguez remains focused on increasing his Sierra resume. When not scaring the daylights out of Barry or Scotty with his solo antics, David is usually waiting for them to catch up. His recent climb of Banner Peak's East Corner route with Barry will remain a classic Dayhike epic.
Stanley Wilkinson - The unofficial inventor of "eXtreme" variants of ordinary life, Stan takes exploring seriously. Long before mainstream commercialism began attaching "X" to every product and brand for marketability, he was discovering a more intense way of life, whether on a mountain bike in rural Nevada, snowboard in Alaska, or Humvee in Afghanistan.
Zonk - He shows up in a lot of summit registers, but otherwise he's pretty hard to track down. Sometimes he answers mail at