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What is really about? It is simply a place for myself and a few buddies to post stories, photos, and videos of our adventures, which by some standards are pretty casual, but exciting nonetheless. While most of our excursions are limited to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, occasionally we visit other regions.


These days it seems there's a new "extreme" sport behind every soda can.

What about the extreme sport of the past, mountaineering? Intrepid explorers ascending virgin terrain to the unknown, with improvised gear and their fates in the hands of the Creator.

With modern trails, high-tech equipment, and published route information, the quest of the summit has become the achievable goal of the summertime weekender.

For many summits in North America, the remaining ascent challenges involve only speed. Can the gear-laden expedition-style outing be bypassed by those who are light and fast enough?

Discover a new way to summit...the dayhike.

Barry and D.Rod heading back from the summit of Mt. Tom, California
June 30 2008